Nayla Daou

Gentle Parenting: What is it and How to Try it Yourself

Gentle Parenting: What is it and How to Try it Yourself

October 5, 2022

When it comes to raising children, no one has all the answers. Every parent and child have unique challenges and needs. Navigating these individual circumstances along with ever-changing environments, such as school systems, family changes, and other situations, can cause mums and dads to wonder, “Am I doing this parenting thing right?” The good thing…

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Improve Relationship with Your Child

How to Improve Your Relationship with Your Children – A Psychologist’s Guide

July 13, 2022

The modern family’s lifestyle leaves us shuffling from school to sports practice, family events, visiting friends, and everything in between. As society evolves to become more on-the-go and technologically advanced, we tend to spend less time sitting around the dinner table to enjoy family conversations and laughs. This begs the question; how can we connect…

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how to support someone with depression

Tips for Communicating With Someone Who is Depressed

May 25, 2022

Knowing what to say to someone who is struggling with depression can be challenging. Perhaps you are afraid you might say the wrong thing. Or maybe you will say something that makes their day even worse? Maybe you feel you’d be better off avoiding the person until they feel better? However, so many people with…

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Couple counseling

Who Can Benefit From Couple Counseling?

May 12, 2022

by Jodie Mackay Relationships are far from perfect. Each person brings his or her own ideas, values, opinions, and personal history into a relationship, and they don’t always match their partner’s. Those differences don’t necessarily mean your relationship is bound for conflict. On the contrary, differences can provide an opportunity to understand, respect, and tolerate…

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What is EMDR Therapy

What is EMDR Therapy and How Does it Help People?

March 25, 2022

Since the days of Freud, we’ve come to expect that managing our trauma is a lifelong journey. However, this is not the case. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy (EMDR therapy) was developed in 1990 by psychologist Francine Shapiro. Since then, EMDR therapy has been a safe and effective treatment option for individuals grappling with…

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Benefits of couples therapy

Everything You Need to Know About Couples Therapy

January 24, 2022

It’s perfectly expected for couples in relationships to face challenges from time to time. Every relationship has its unique needs and challenges. Couples see therapy for a number of unique reasons. From miscommunication and personal traumas impacting the relationship to substance abuse impacting the relationship, finances, infidelity, the normal trials and tribulations of life, and…

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Common anxiety signs

10 Signs You Have Anxiety

November 22, 2021

Anxiety impacts everyone from time to time. It’s normal to worry or fixate on the worst-case scenario every once in a while. However, people suffering from anxiety disorders experience frequent, intense, and excessive worry. Anxiety disorders are often complicated and hard to diagnose without seeing a counselor or psychologist. However, there are common signs and…

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Stress eating

The Link Between Anxiety and Overeating

May 30, 2021

We’ve all experienced periods of stress and anxiety in our lives. Anxiety not only makes you feel worried and fearful, but it also can create physical responses in your body. It’s natural to try to avoid these feelings by distracting ourselves with other behaviors, such as overeating. And while it’s true that certain foods can…

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social media platforms and depression

Does Social Media Cause Depression?

April 7, 2021

According to recent estimates, roughly 4 billion people worldwide use various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…

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Ways to Reduce Anxiety

Ways to Reduce Anxiety in 2021

January 26, 2021

As we say farewell to 2020 and usher in the New Year, we look towards the future. With New Year’s resolutions on the docket, many of us are striving to achieve a calm life of meaning and fulfillment. At Clearminds, we understand the disastrous effects of chronic anxiety. As we embark on 2021, let’s look…

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