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Abuse Assessments for Children

When does my child need to have an Abuse Assessment completed?

  • Is your child displaying sexualized behavior inappropriate for his/her age?
  • Do you suspect your child has been sexually abused?

Learn the warning signs for child sexual abuse

  • Sexual behavior that is inappropriate for the child’s age
  • Bedwetting or soiling the bed, if the child has already outgrown these behaviors
  • Not wanting to be left alone with certain people or being afraid to be away from primary caregivers, especially if this is a new behavior
  • Tries to avoid removing clothing to change or bathe
  • Excessive talk about or knowledge of sexual topics
  • Resuming behaviors that they had grown out of, such as thumb sucking
  • Nightmares or fear of being alone at night
  • Excessive worry or fearfulness

Taking action isn’t easy, but it’s important

It’s not always easy to identify child sexual abuse. If a child tells you that someone makes them uncomfortable, even if they can’t tell you anything specific, listen. Even though an abuse assessment is not 100% conclusive, given the limited nature of children’s ability to recall facts, talking to a trained professional is very important to give you guidance on how to proceed in order to protect your child.

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