Child Psychologist


Benefits of consulting with a child psychologist

Many times, children and teenagers face emotional, behavioral or academic struggles that can be tough for parents to understand or help with. A child behaviour specialist can help parents understand if these challenges are a normal part of growing up or if they are more serious, requiring direct interventions from a child psychologist. In either situation, both parents and children can benefit from parent training, individual therapy, and/ or family therapy.

In parent training sessions, a child psychologist will work alone with parents to help them understand and manage their children’s behaviour, learn strategies to support them through life or family circumstances, and/or learn ways implement discipline and structure in the home. These sessions are based on positive parenting and attachment parenting frameworks.

Individual psychotherapy for children or teenagers will allow them to understand their emotions, which is important because often they may feel confused about how they feel (thus making their behaviors worse). Psychotherapy will also help children and teens learn to express themselves and how they feel in adaptive ways, help them gain insight into their behavior, and will help them regain control over themselves and their emotions.

Play therapy for children with a top child psychologist in Dubai, UAE

Play is a child’s language and is the natural medium through which children express themselves and communicate. Because children do not usually have the language and cognitive skills to effectively communicate their emotions and experiences, play therapy is used to help them communicate.

The play therapy room at ClearMinds is fully equipped with carefully selected toys to allow the child to “talk” to the therapist through toys and stories. In the therapy room, a safe and free space is created for children to explore their fears, pain, and experiences. Through play, children gain self- confidence, learn coping skills to manage their feelings and control their behavior, and develop their own ways of solving their problems. Our team has one of the best child psychologists trained in play therapy. She helps children with anxiety, behavioral problems, parent child relationship problems, school struggles and other difficulties.

Qualified psychologist in UAE you can trust

ClearMinds offers a safe and warm environment where children and teenagers can express their thoughts and feelings without judgment. Our team is composed of highly qualified psychologists trained in the United States, dedicated to helping children reach their full potential.

Raise your kids to be better individuals today!

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